Rosie From The Jetsonss Coloring Page

Rosie From The Jetsonss Coloring Page

The popular Rosie from the Jetsons coloring page for Kids

The Jetsons is one of the popular comic series publishes in 2017. It tells about a world where George, Jane, Judy, Elroy Jetson living with mechanical maids or robots named Rosie thus leading a retro-futuristic life.

Rosie- The humanoid Robot

The rebooted series of the Jetson comics have many out-dated elements from the original series. Jane Jetson was initially a housewife, now a NASA scientist who commutes through space from work. Rosie the mechanical maid, presently holds the consciousness of George Jetsons 124 old mother. The Jetsons is a complete cacotopia build on the cadaver of many such living being unworthy of a life in the clouds.

The Jetsons comic series gained momentum in recent times especially among kids for its action-packed animation and adventures. There are a series of colouring book sets available online of the Jetson family with swanky recliners, colored space cars. Rosie from the Jetsons coloring page offers great colouring fun with the whole Jetson family that includes George, Jane, Judy and Elroy and the popular robot housekeeper Rosie.

Rosie is a humanoid robot in the comic series The Jetsons. Here Rosie was a household maid, though she was an out-dated model but the Jetsons never wanted to replace her by a new one. She performs all the house hold works with great parenting skills. The fictional character Rosie from the Jetsons series acquired great popularity and became a personal favourite among kids. It’s exciting to watch their favourite robot characters turning into life in 4D with special effects.

The Jetson coloring page is a great fun activity for kids to color the adventures of Jetsons life starting from the flying spaced cars, a variety of gadgets and robots that make their work done easily in seconds.

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