Jetsons Rosie Coloring Page


Jetsons Rosie Coloring Page

The Popular Jetsons Rosie Coloring Page

The American popular comic series produced by Hanna Barbera portrayed a comic version of a futuristic world and a shining utopia dominated by technology.

The Robot Maid -Rosie

The famous comic series was the comical version of the movie ‘The Stone Age’ that was powered by dinosaurs and birds. The jetson comic series set a new dimension in portraying a future space-age family that live above the clouds in the stratosphere and leading an ultra-innovative life in a futuristic paradise. The comic series stands more promising with innovative technologies, robotic contraception, holograms, and whimsical inventions.  The retro version of the future style life lead by the Jetsons make the people imagine about such a life a few centuries down the future.

One of the fascinating aspects in the Jetson family was the mechanical maid or the robot housekeeper named Rosie that could dress and groom by themselves. After George’s old mother rosemary passed away, her consciousness was transferred into a robot that could act like humans popularly known as Rosie.

The Robot maid is a fictional character in the Jetson series created the illusion of a utopian world in the future. The humanoid robot was an out-dated model, but despite that, the Jetson family loved her and never tried to replace her with a new model. She is great at performing all the household chores with strong parenting skills.

The robot maid became increasingly popular in the comic world and The Jetson Rosie Colouring Page soon became an element of interest among the kids. Even a reluctant kid found interest in exploring the 4D coloring pages and add an extra edge of excitement while filling in the figures and shapes of their favorite comic characters on the coloring page.

The interesting series of coloring page activities enhances the interest of the child in drawing and at the same time, it helps in the overall development of the child personality.

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